Terms Of Use

Please also notice the original terms written in german.
1. Subject and purview
The provider offers an Onlinecommunity: gameBoni. To use the offered content and serviced users have to stick to these terms. They also apply to content published by users ( e.g. pictures, videos, postings and comments ).
2. User account and registration
Every user can register an free account on gameBoni and gets his personal access to the site.
Only one account per human is allowed. The account may not be used by another person.
The user agrees this terms by checking "Accept" on the registration page. Every kind of violation can result in a temporary or permanent ban. In this case every progress made is lost, including prizes, features and Credits.
gameBoni is an union of two websites: www.nooki.de and www.gameboni.com.
The user can use all those sites in the same way and agrees, that published informationen can be accessed through all those sites.
And intact email mailbox is required to register.
By checking the newsletter option the user will receive informations related to gameBoni at irregular intervals until he revokes this option.
There will be status mails sent which inform the user about new things happening around himself. Those status reports can be disabled at any time at the profile settings.
The user can choose a username himself. The choosen username may not be abusive, offensive or misleading (e.g. Admin ) and not infringe third-party rights. The username may not contain advertising.
The user can publish more informations about him then required. Every information must be true.
3. Publishing content
The user can publish content by himself like text and images.
gameBoni offers for this multiple options to do so ( e.g. wall, comments, foren, picture upload, video upload ). The user himself has to carry about the published content. gameBoni only handles as host provider and does not make the content its own.
Forbidden content
Following content is strictly forbidden! By posting those the user get banned:
content against applicable law or third-party rights, especially copyright and personal rights
offensive, abusive, and immoral content
every kind of pornographically content
depiction of violence, glorification of drugs and requests to crime
advertising and spam
security risks and content and links which may impair or infect the users computer
misleading and false statements
4. Responsibility and claim to use
gameBoni tries to offer an undisturbed service. Unfortunate it's not save to say we can guarantee consistent availability due to technical dependency.
gameBoni assume no responsibility for potential harm and errors which can occur, especially due to wrong handling or technical issues. gameBoni is not in charge for third-party content nor content which was published by users. gameBoni take no responsibility for potential data loss. The user himself has to take care about data backups.
5. Privacy Policy
gameBoni handles personal data stricly confidential and takes care to protect your privacy as given by law.
gameBoni uses personal data only for processing of contracts and billing.
Access for published content can be controlled by privacy settings.
Personal data only gets transmitted if it's required. (e.g. shipping ) Otherwise no personal data we be used or transmitted without users permission.
gameBoni has to remind users: data transfer in open networks, like the internet is, can not be guaranteed.
6. Use and Copyright
gameBoni with it's games and features may only used in designated manner. It is strictly forbidden to use outside help, especially software which pretends to be an user or act like one and any other unfair helpers to get an uneven advantage against others.
You may not copy any content without permission.
7. Credits and virtual goods
Credits are virtual bonuspoints which every user can earn by being active on gameBoni. It's also possible to purchase those credits. Credits can be used to unlock new features on gameBoni and much more. ( see more ) Credits are only virtual goods without any real worth. They can't be exchanged into real cash neither be withdrawn.
We offer games where you can purchase virtual goods.You only gain an licence for using those special items in order of the licene agreement.
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